New Year (Going To The Sun)

i made it out, i made it here to rip the last page from the year
off the grid and off the map so i can get my bearings back
giving up my alibis
giving birth and giving rise to all the things i've left for dead

the holding on, the letting go, making angels in the snow
stoke the fire and stir the pot, throw in everything we've got
all the stories yet to tell, all the life to live so well
how much left is hard to tell so we just live it

life is steep babe, don't look down, everything we've got is now
no time like when you're around, everything we've got is now

i woke up high above the earth to see the day for all its worth
giving birth and giving rise, water falling from my eyes
what a thing to be so blessed
fullness rising in my chest, i can't hold it all inside

all the knots twisted in my tongue and all the things i haven't done
ghosts of men that i could be rising up and haunting me
echoes ringing in the night say:
"only you could give us life. only YOU could give us life!"
so let's just give it